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The Big Ideas of Customizable Pets


"This blog article is about all those ideas of "Customizable Pets", I will go through all those brillant/creative ideas that are floating around the web and discuss them here"


Greeting stranger, welcome to my (Ithican James') blog of ideas.
This blog is about the idea of "Customizable Pets". Sounds intriguing right? But what do I mean by this you may ask? Well, I will be talking about all those ideas floating around the web about what would make Guild Wars 2 ranger pets just that much cooler, useful and awsome.

There are hundreds of ideas that many would absolutely love to be put to use, but these ideas usually just get over looked and never get heard. So what is the goal of this blog you may ask? To express those ideas!

If this blog does get heard; maybe. just maybe, one of Guild Wars 2's employees will notice the brilliance here and try to put the ideas into action!

So if you are a Guild Wars 2 employee that has a little influence - I am speaking on behalf of a thousand rangers out there; screaming to have these ideas heard, you know we want them, you know it would make the game just that more interesting and thus, keeping us players playing!
Lets begin shall we?

Idea 1: Dyeing Ranger Pets.
Alrighty, this idea was brought up in a FAQ (if I remember correctly). The idea was the ability to dye pets in order to change their color. This opens so much more customizability to ALL the current pets!

Imagine, you have a brown bear and you want it colored grey right? Well, all you would simply have to do is open the pet dye screen (armor dye screen equivalent) and select its color and you're done.

The ability simply to dye your pets, would mean the world to any ranger. There are over 45 different charmable pets out there, all with the possibility of dyable skin/fur/scales, carrying out this would not be hard. So if you calculate roughly the amount of selectable armor dyes for each certain animal skin/fur/scale material and average it, that would make it like, roughly 18 colors to choose from? So now the amount of choosable pet colors are increased from 45 to 810! (18 colors x 45 pets) Quite a difference in customizability huh?

The current dyeing system works on changing the hue, saturation and contrast of the original armor color to a preset material filter. Their simply filters which modify the current color, with a set of precisely chosen mixture of colors for each type of armor material. What this means basically is; very little work is required to implement a pet dyeing system.

There is no reason why this cannot be done, you can do it in real life, why not here in Guild Wars 2?
Think about it. If you can dye your current leather armor or fur armor, why can't you dye your drakes leathery skin, or dye your felines fur? The fur on your armor originally came from an animal, the leather on your armor originally came from an animal. It just makes sense.

There is no reason why this should not be done, it (most defiantly) will add huge possibilities for/and customizability to rangers pets. So you must say, that would make every ranger out there look a heap load more unique instead of a hunting party of rangers, with each ranger having the same clone of Jaguar as one another.

Idea 2: Ranger Pets with Armor and Weapons
Yeah, you already know what I mean by the title.
You know this would just be the ultimate idea.
You know that I know that you know that this would just be so awsome, that EVERY player in Guild Wars 2 would just choose to be the ranger profession because of this!

The idea is quite obviously, pets having the ability to wear armor and wield a custom pet type of weapon/s. You will need to hear me out on this one..

Let me begin with some clarification; when I say pets with weapons - no, I do not mean a bear wielding two rifles, a owl with a lightsaber or a shark with twin laser cannons (hmm..). I know that would be cool but it would be slightly unrealistic. What I do mean is; your pet having a sort of pet weapon.

The way this would all work is, in the pets screen, you would have 2 item slots:
Slot 1: Pet Weapon
Slot 2: Pet Armor

Slot 1 would be for your pets weapon, slot 2 would be for your pets armor set. The reason there should be only 2 slots is so that it doesn't complicate things. Instead of a pet having individual armor pieces, they would just have an armor set (all armor pieces would match and be much easier to create for the Guild Wars 2 game developers.)

The pets weapons and armor would be much simpler than your characters armor, all the items would be made of metal (both weapons and armor). The stats would become higher as the armor plate material get better in quality.

Example in hierarchical order:
Copper Armor -> Bronze Armor -> Iron Armor -> Steel Armor -> Titanium Armor -> Adamantium Armor ect.

So all armor and weapons would be made of metal. This would keep pet armor and weapons to absolute simplicity.

Pets with Armor:
Pet armor will be usable on any pet type, it would simply change look depending on the pet type it is equip on.

Guild Wars 2 game developers would simply have to make one armor set look for each pet family (or if their keen enough, one armor set for each pet species)
The armor set can simply have its color changed, depending on what metal material it is made of.

Pets would have the ability to wear certain armor on certain body parts depending on the pets physique, height, weight, toughness and agility. As examples: Birds would have very little armor because they need to maintain their weight to fly, canines would need armor on there head, chest and leg areas as that is where they would take most of the impact, drakes would have armor on their back and head as them areas are vulnerable because they are low near the ground. ect.

Here is a list of my pet family specific armor models:
(#Listed in Alphabetical order)
Armor Fish: Scaled plates over its back, and a belly plate.
Bears: Plated armor on its back, like a shell.
Birds: Very minor amount of armor on its legs. It will also have a helmet.
Boars: Plated back armor, with spiked shoulder pads.
Canines: Plated armor over its torso, like a harness. It will also have a helmet and front leg guards.
Devourers: Metals plates (like a shell) over its back and legs.
Drakes: Bladed back armor and a plain metal helmet
Felines: Harness type shell armor over its torso and down it's back. Metal bracers on all four legs.
Jellyfish: Umm... A Helmet? Lol?
Moas: Heavy plated leg armor, chain mail torso armor, armor over its wings and a winged helm.
Sharks: Scaled mail armor over its entire back, from head to tail.
Spiders: Shell type amor over the top of its legs and over its back.

Pets with Weapons:
Pets can would be able to wield a somewhat custom pet weapon, much like how Persian war elephants had spikes attached to their tusks, and crusader war horses had chest plates to charge down foes.
As examples, bears could wear metal bracers that have spikes attached to them - increasing their damage, or birds could have claw gauntlets with bladed metal talons.

Here is a list of my pet family specific weapon models:
(#Listed in Alphabetical order)

Armor Fish: Metal tusks mounted on a helmet, at each side of its jaw.
Bears: Metal bracers with spikes.
Birds: Gauntlets with bladed talons.
Boars: An axe shaped blade on a helmet.
Canines: Huge sharp metal fangs.
Devourers: A spear head at the end of their tails.
Drakes: A rhino style spiked helmet.
Felines: Bracers with three sharp claws, X-Men Wolverine style.
Jellyfish: Serrated bladed whips, attached to some of their legs
Moas: Metal beak guard with a bladed tip.
Sharks: Lasers. Or serrated metal teeth
Spiders: Hook shaped blades along their front legs.

These ideas would make pets just that much deadlier, war prepared and fearsome. Pets are really left out when it comes to tools of war, and materials of strong defense. We humans do not run into battle with nothing but loin cloths right? (most of the time)
This is why ranger pets should have something more than their bare bear skin, instead of currently charging into a battle - naked.

Idea 3: Interactive/Fun/Useful Ranger Pets
Here is a bunch of useful little ideas, the ideas are - it would be great if ranger pets had a small inventory and other miscellaneous uses. Something like a small pouch for extra bag space, or a food and drink satchel, the ability to play with you, go out and hunt on it's own to collect food, materials and loot for you.

Heck now that I think of it, why can't we even have a bunch of visual emotes which allow us simply to pet them, hug them, play with them and scratch them.

Pets currently serve just as an useful tool in battle, but I believe pets should be so much more useful than that. There are pets in real life that have so many more uses other than used as a hunting tool. Pets like horses for example; they can be used to hold items for you and pull a plow - pets can be enhanced by so much.

I mean, the ranger pets are meant to be a somewhat companion which means by definition, something more than a mindless killing object. Seriously, we need the ability to have them more interactively; interact with them, train them, send them to collect food, play with other ranger pets. There should be the option to let two rangers have their pets duel one another, just for a bit of entertainment - where they would control themselves in a fight against the opposing ranger pet.

Idea 4: Teaching Ranger Pets New Tricks
Pets could learn different emote tricks by having the ranger attempt to teach them, they would start off with a default chance to successfully complete a selected emote (emote attempt recharge could be around 30 seconds).

For every successful emote completed, the pet would have its "chance of emote success" with the selected emote increased. The ranger would reward every successful emote attempt with a pat on the head.

So basically, for every time your pet successfully completes to do a certain emote - they will gain %0.5 more "chance of emote success" with that emote, eventually increasing the pets "chance of emote success" with the emote by 100%. This would allow (in a sense) the pet to train, to learn a trick over many failed attempts. The pet will eventually get better as it tries.

Each pet family type could start with a set of default emote ability success percentage. Drakes could start with a 10% chance to play dead, every time it successfully plays dead - it's "chance of emote success" would increase by 0.5%. Thus, it would now have 10.5% chance of emote success. If it does that trick successfully 19 more times, it would now have a 20% chance of emote success with the play dead trick. It gets easier as it learns!

Though, naturally some companions would have a really high default "chance of emote success" with certain emotes than others. This means, some pets would have an extremely low "chance of emote success" with. say. the roll over trick, it would take many hours trying to teach it this emote, but in the end, once you actually teach it that very hard to learn trick - you can show all your hard pet training work off to all your friends!

Teaching a canine to bark would be extremely easy, their "chance of emote success" with the emote bark would be 50%.
Where as teaching a canine to bunny hop would be quite hard, "chance of emote success": 0.5%

Though, teaching a bird to play dead would be hard, "chance of emote success": 5%
But making the bird bunny hop would be a breeze, "chance of emote success": 50%

It would all depend on the animal.

Why Guild Wars 2 should implement this: Players will spend many more hours/days/weeks ingame.
Why we players need this implemented: Do I really need to explain myself further? Why on earth can't we simply pat our pets and play with them?

"Dear Guild Wars 2, please make ranger pets companionable"

Written By:
~Ithican James