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The Story of Guildwars2-Pets.coms Begining


"The Story of Guildwars2-Pets.coms Begining

Part 1 of: The Story of Guildwars2-Pets.coms Creation"

So, your interested in me (Ithican James) and Luke Erebus' story on how this site came to be huh?
Well, this story has a touch of personality, a Spartan full of determination, a sprinkle of entrepreneur and a topping of "How can I, a WoW hunter, put my gaming experience to use in real life".

By the end of this story, you will get to know why we made this site, how we got the idea, get to know me and Luke a little better, but most importantly of all - you will learn one of lives greatest lessons.

My name is Ithican James, my non-blood related brother is Luke Erebus. We are both 19 (@ 2012) and have been good friends in real life for over 6 years.

We have been playing games like this for as long as we can remember. Ever since we were born, we were naturally bred rangers. We both love anything to do with bows, swords, pets, nature and of course PvP. I started off on a game called Diablo 1 as a Rogue (Bow Class Character), Morrowind as a marksman called "Ithican", then RuneScape as a marksman called "Strider384", then went to Guild Wars 1 as a ranger/mesmer named "Ithican", then to Diablo 2 as an amazon, then to World of Warcraft as a hunter (for 4 years) named "Ithican" then named changed to "Archer", Oblivion as a marksman "Ithican" again, then to Guild Wars 2.

So you could say, I am a fan of bows, spears, short swords, and ranger/hunter type pets. Luke followed quite a similar path.

Even in real life we made bows, arrows, training swords, shields and fought one another on a grassy field (not kid toys, blunted metal arrows, weapons - nerdy aye? lol), I even tamed animals such as a kangaroo, parrot, cats, dogs ..the list goes on. Those good ol' days, I miss them *sniffs*.

Anyway, now that you know a bit about us, lets begin on why we made this website!
So now we fast forward to the present, then rewind a little back about 2 months ago, that is when started

It all started when I was sitting on the couch with family members, watching TV
I was talking to them about the Guild Wars 2 Ranger class after reading about them and how the Guild Wars 2 game was soon to be released, after that I packed up my stuff and rode back to my place (on a bike). While thinking about how awsome rangers and their pets sounded and how the game was going to be released soon, I came to the conclusion that this game was made for me. Rangers, pets, bows and a game worth mastering? My type of game!

I got home and started up my laptop.
Checked a few emails, Facebook, my WoW auction house sales and such. After all that, I stopped for a second too continued thinking about Guild Wars 2 and ranger pets..
Then it dawned on me, I needed coffee!

Anyway, after my coffee, I thought to myself: "Hmm.. I wonder what pets will be tamable in this game?"
So I searched the ever useful 'Google' for answers!
[Google: Guild Wars 2 Ranger Pets]
Google Says: "Sorry, there are 0 matches for what you are actually looking for. There are currently no sites out there that have pictures of Guild Wars 2 ranger pets except Wikipedia, but nothing adequate"

So I sat their, wondering how I could find out what pets were in the world of Guild Wars 2. There was very limited information, literally nothing!

During that night, I went onto our World of Warcraft Teamspeak server (it's like a headset mobile) and found Luke in room 8. I joined that channel and greeted my ol' friend, we talked about things and I discussed how awsome Guild Wars 2 sounded. So he Googled it and did some research. He was intrigued by the game, we talked about it for hours on end. Eventually we started talking about Guild Wars 2 rangers and their pets.

Now we were really determined to find out more about them! So we searched Google. over and over again we searched, we found some answers and information, but it was scattered all over the web. After that we decided to get some rest because we both had work the next morning.

The next day I couldn't get Guild Wars 2 and rangers pets out of my head, it interested me so much! There was all these new, rare and unique looking creatures out there - this was virgin territory for a hunter like myself.

More thoughts crossed my mind:
"If there is no website to view visually ranger pets. Then there would be hundreds of people out there just like myself, in dire need of a website like Hundreds seeking guidance and a place to go, this cite is a necessity."
I realized to myself that I already knew graphics design, basic web design skills and had an abundance worth of ranger/hunter pet experience, why don't I simply make a visual pet site for Guild Wars 2 myself?

"Ding! The idea for was born!"
#Note#: I should mention, that each one of us has plenty of brilliant ideas daily, but we simply don't act on them. We think "Hey that's a good idea" and it ends at that, that is where most of us stop at. That was my major flaw.

..Back to the story. Later that night I met Luke again in Teamspeak, room 8.
I told him that I had an idea, (it was just one of those thousands of ideas I have, but never acted on). This was different though, I had something else, Luke was there to push me into action! Now I realized why me and Luke Erebus work so well together, I have always been one with great entrepreneur ideas, but simply never act, Luke has always been a mate that always accomplishes tasks. So here we have now, two guys; one with website developing skills and an idea, another with great motivational skills and much dedication. That makes one hell of a team! A team with ever burning determination to accomplish anything.

So what happened??? Instead of just letting a brilliant idea pass us by, we both acted on it!

After that night, me and Luke Erebus held meetings every night in Teamspeak room 8, from 8pm-10pm about our progress on the site, how we should construct it, ideas, how we should improve upon it and our next tasks to complete. (I'll go into the construction of the site in another blog article)

Me and Luke work quite a lot, so we only get a couple of days a week to work on this website, but together with our burning determination, this site is growing rapidly. It's been 2 months since we suddenly decided to create this website. I must say, it has all been worth while.

"A wolf can survive pretty well on it's own, but when wolves are in a pack - they can achieve so much more."

Written By:
~Ithican James